Sprout Skincare is a fictitious brand that offers skincare products for those with dry, rough and sensitive skin


Develop the Sprout Skincare brand personality by implementing floral, delicate and nourishing rhetoric on flagship product packaging




"Never skin better"


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This Facebook carousel displays as part of a paid campaign.

Copy (Post): "Pampered skin is healthy skin. Nourish yours with gentle cleansing, soothing hydration and spa-inspired luxury care."

Copy (Image #1): "Sprout Into a Better You; Take your skin where it's never been before."

Copy (Image #2): "Care to Go Bare For; Gentle ingredients for dry, rough and sensitive skin."

Copy (Image #3): "Feel Good While Doing Good; 100% post-consumer recycled paper packaging."

Copy (Image #4): Learn More at; Sign up for product updates, coupons and more.