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9 Tees Every Grammar Geek Needs in Their Closet




9 Tees Every Grammar Geek Needs in Their Closet

Lisa Callahan

Chic style doesn't have to be complicated. A minimalistic t-shirt makes the ideal statement item for a simple on-the-go outfit and the ideal base piece for a day-to-night look. Tees are also super versatile. An inexpensive shirt can become an instant closet staple when paired with a clever graphic, eye-popping art or witty one-liner.

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Some of my favorite finds in the t-shirt category come from Etsy. You can browse page after page for hours on end and sort through a variety of styles, colors and blends. To narrow down the search, I look at items tailored to my interests: Cats, coffee, self-deprecation, and, need I not forget, words.

Words, words, oh glorious words. 

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I'm a grammar geek, and I'm proud of that. There's nothing wrong with flaunting your love of language through fashion. Whether that fashion is paired with leather leggings and black heels or plaid pajamas and fuzzy socks is totally up to you. Hey, fashion is versatile.


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