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Unique Thrift Store Finds for Your Home Office




Unique Thrift Store Finds for Your Home Office

Lisa Callahan

My love for thrifting started long before I was even tall enough to reach the top shelves in stores. I owe my eagle-eyed deal-hunting skills to my grandmother, with whom I made regular trips to Goodwills on weekends as a kid.

I’m probably one of very few people whose favorite childhood memories includes outings of this kind. But — No shame here.

I would even go so far to say that anyone who hasn’t experienced the excitement of thrift shopping is seriously missing out.

And now that I’m an adult(ish), I appreciate the art of the thrift on a whole new level. How cool is it that we willingly recycle our own belongings for the benefit of another? How interesting is it that we contribute to a crowdsourced subset of the retail industry?

There’s just something endearing about thrift shopping — something that drives me to want to give more... and buy from traditional stores less often.

With that, today I want to showcase some of the coolest home office thrift store finds that make the perfect blank canvas for all your upcycling desires. Peruse and enjoy!

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