Top Wearable Tech That Will Keep You on Task and on Time in 2018

Nothing says "new year" like new accessories. 

And as wearable technology keeps blurring the line between pretty and practical, it makes total sense to invest in a smartwatch to set the new year off right.

While I haven't yet bought one of my own (my upcoming birthday might change that), my research into smartwatches, smart jewelry and other wearable tech has me assured: This is the fashion of the future.

For whatever your 2018 has in store, these gadgets have you covered.

Check out the products below to find your match made in tech heaven.



Probably the most inconspicuous-looking wearable for women, Ringly excels in the matchmaking of function and style. Its products connect with over 200 apps, from standard text and email apps to the office-abundant Slack, Asana and even IFTTT.

Get it for $165 (Ringly)



Fossil Q Wander

Get more bang for your buck with the large-faced and luxe smartwatch. Its uncommon round face and thin bezel allows you to make the most of the 22m screen. While designed to best work on Android OS, the Fossil Q Wander is also compatible with iOS 9 and above. 

Get it for $255 (Fossil, Amazon)



Bellabeat Leaf

Both Bellabeat's Leaf Nature and Leaf Urban are small-yet-mighty, made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and wood/wood composite. The Leaf Urban, pictured above, boasts a 6-month battery life and water resistant design.

Get it for $139 (Bellabeat, Amazon)



Pebble Time Round

This sleep and activity tracker measures in at a super-light 7.5mm thin. Pebble's compatible smartwatch pairs with both Android and Apple OS, and its Gorilla Glass face ensures it stands the test of time (no pun intended).

Get it for $130 (PebbleAmazon)



Motorola Moto 360 Gen 2

This powerful piece of tech packs the punch of a smartphone with the allure of a high-end watch. It pairs both with Apple and Android OS and comes complete with a wireless charging dock so you're never left depleted.

Get it for $350 (Motorola, Amazon)