9 Timeless Patterns That Are Perfect For Work

I'm a firm believer of investing in staple items. When it comes to work wardrobes, especially, stocking up on timeless pieces like blazers, chinos and button-downs is both a money-conscious and style-conscious choice.

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My personal style has always veered in the preppy direction, which means my outfit picks are pretty classic by default. I was basically a walking Abercrombie logo from 5th grade onward; Those of us with older siblings strived to emulate the Laguna Beach-era popped collar and ripped jeans look. Eek.

As I've grown up, I've learned the difference between poster-girl prep and classic chic, and I've shifted my brand loyalty to esteemed names like Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor and J. Crew. I've also learned how to complement my solid color staple pieces with pretty patterns that won't succumb to changing trends.

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Browse the slideshow below to see my favorite wear-to-work patterns: