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Obsessed with Succulents? Adorable Decor You Need for Your Office




Obsessed with Succulents? Adorable Decor You Need for Your Office

Lisa Callahan

Succulents have taken over home decor. There's something comforting about bringing a little outdoors to your indoors, and succulents are a small yet sophisticated decor option for any part of your home. 

To give some background on their growing popularity, first we need to have a short lesson in botany. By definition, succulents are "plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions" (Thanks, Wiki). The most recognizable succulents include aloe vera, cacti, and even several vegetables like asparagus and spinach.

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While it's hard to pinpoint how any one design trend is started, it's safe to say that succulents are quickly becoming a favorite household plant due to how low maintenance they are. Since they've evolved to survive extremely dry conditions, they don't require frequent watering and won't succumb to harsh temperatures.

Succulents require very little time, money or attention to prosper, and that fact alone makes them especially attractive to those of us not equipped with a green thumb. I'll admit that the very first plant I cared for didn't last more than a few months on my apartment balcony (RIP, Sally), and I haven't tried again since. For gardening newbies, busy bees and forgetful folks, succulents are the perfect potted pet.

Add some cute cacti and other fun succulents to your office space for an instantly fresher work day. These succulent decor picks are a few of my faves:


9 precious succulent items for your work space

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Which sassy succulent will you add to your office?
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Obsessed with Succulents? Adorable Decor You Need for Your Office | The LC Studio

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