Life-Changing Gifts for Busy Working Women


The modern working lady builds her success based not only on her talent but also on her knowledge of pop culture, politics and an array of current event issues in between. 

With that in-the-know lifestyle comes a love for all things innovative, be it fashion, home decor or tech accessories, but the busy beel may not always have the time (or patience) to shop for herself.

Lucky her to know someone like you. 

Surprise the special working gal in your life with one of these 9 sleek, chic and simple gifts she's sure to swoon over (between conference calls and hot coffees, that is).


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  1. Rose gold smartwatch | Fossil

  2. Leather zip organizer | This is Ground

  3. Coffee alarm clock | Barisieur

  4. Charging suitcase | Away Travel

  5. Mobile coffee maker | Handspresso / Amazon

  6. Standing weekly planner | mochithings

  7. Document travel holder | mochithings

  8. Car visor organizer | mochithings

  9. Multipurpose nylon backpack | mochithings

  10. Swarovski USB bracelet | Swarovski

  11. Essential oil deodorant spray | Etsy

  12. Cozy cat neck pillow |  Etsy


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