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Life-Changing iPhone 8 Concepts You’ll Fall in Love With




Life-Changing iPhone 8 Concepts You’ll Fall in Love With

Lisa Callahan

Apple’s iPhone 8 is scheduled to release this fall, and the web is abuzz with what new features are to come. 

Apple developers stay pretty tight-lipped about products in the works, but that doesn’t stop others from speculating. Platforms like MacRumors, 9to5Mac and Digital Trends thrive on the vigorous spinning of the Apple rumor mill, and they’ve become go-to sources for hardware and software news.

I did a little investigating and pulled the most reputable iPhone 8 predictions from across these sites. Keep reading to find out what they are, why they’re cool and how they could end up making your work day a whole lot easier.

Wireless charging

The iPhone 7 has an impressive battery life already, but the iPhone 8 battery should be even better. 

Little information has been released about the upcoming phone’s battery improvements. It’s pretty certain, though, that the iPhone 8 will have a bigger battery than the iPhone 7 — Supposedly, it’ll pack all the punch of a 5.5-inch device within a 4.7-inch frame. Apple is also rumored to be experimenting with different material that will make wireless charging possible with the iPhone 8.

A longer-lasting battery gets you more bang for your buck, and that’s a big deal when you’re bound by a budget or if you struggle to keep your battery icon in the green. The iPhone 8 should provide plenty of charge to power you through your day — without the need to keep a charger in every drawer of your desk.

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Improved water resistance

The next iPhone “will continue to be able to hold up to rain, splashes, and brief submersion in water” as the current-gen iPhone does. 

Its water resistance score should be slightly higher, though. Speculators say the iPhone 8 should be able to withstand 30 minutes of water exposure at up to 1.5 meters (about 5 feet).

While this change certaintly doesn’t give you a pass to snap underwater selfies, it does provide us clumsy folks with some extra accident protection. Toilet drops, rain slips and water bottle spills are bound to happen one time or another — when days are long and attention is short, especially.

vision-saving screen

True Tone displays allows an Apple device to auto-adjust its screen color based on the lighting of the environment. It’s basically the automated version of Night Shift, which is a manual feature designed to “limit the amount of blue light you take in during evening hours.” 

Color-adjusting devices are more vision-friendly, and Apple’s amped up True Tone display will help ease strained eyes 24 hours a day. The current-gen iPad Pro was the first Apple product to implement True Tone, and the iPhone 8 should follow suit.

This feature is also sure to ease the guilt of sending late-night work emails or touching up a presentation in bed. You’ll rest better knowing your eyesight is safe wherever — and whenever — work takes you.

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Facial recognition

Apple could be upping its security game by adding a “front-facing 3D laser scanner” to the iPhone 8. It’s as cool or creepy as it sounds, depending on your perspective, and it may make the fingerprint-scanning Touch ID obselete.

Rumor has it that this new security feature may even be able to scan a user’s iris — the colored part of the idea that has a pattern as unique as a fingerprint. This method of ID’ing would have a leg up on Touch ID, which can fail to work properly if your screen is dirty or wet. And while it won’t prevent nosy cubicle neighbors from looking over your shoulder, the scifi-like scanner is a work perk, in a way.

Use it as an ice-breaker with new coworkers and a conversation starter with current ones — You’re sure to up your office cool factor by flaunting your epic new phone.

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Do you plan on buying the iPhone 8 when it's released in the fall? Share your thoughts below!

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