Make The Most Of Your Career With These 18 Free Udemy Courses

I recently bought my first course on Udemy during one of their massive sales. Tons of courses were on sale for only $10, and I just couldn’t resist. After a meticulous search, I decided on a well-produced and well-narrated digital marketing course that — as of this post — has a 4 out of 5 star rating and over one thousand reviews. 

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In addition to regular sales, which allow you to enroll in top rated classes for hundreds of dollars off, Udemy also offers dozens of courses for free. Some are short and sweet — perfect for your lunch break or as audio-only on your drive to work. Others follow a more traditional e-learning model, breaking up several hours of content in bite-sized sessions. These lengthier courses are perfect for a rainy weekend in or a slow day at work (just get the okay from your boss first).

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Save cash while spending time boosting your career with Udemy’s job hunting, time management and brainstorming 101. Check out the 18 courses below for the best free career courses on the site:

For job hunting

For productivity

For achieving your dreams

For creativity

For communication

For money matters

Make The Most Of Your Career With These 18 Free Udemy Courses | The LC Studio

Have you ever taken a career development course? What did you like or dislike? Share your thoughts in the comments!