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How to Feng Shui Your Office Like an Expert




How to Feng Shui Your Office Like an Expert

Lisa Callahan

As I always like to say, "If the feng shui fits, then clean it."

Ancient Chinese cultures founded feng shui on the belief that all things transmit energy – people, plants, animals and even inanimate objects. Feng shui, which translates to “wind-water” in English, is the practice of managing the many energies that occupy a room.

I’m one of many who swear by the power of this decorating philosophy. All of us have succumbed to the compelling urge to rearrange things until they feel “just right” -- Feng shui just gives it a name.

In the spirit of planning, purging, and new spring purchases, I’ve collected some of the top tips for applying feng shui to your office space. Keep reading to find out how feng shui can make your workspace a cleaner, calmer and more clarifying place to be.



Keep your desk tidy if you want to keep your mind at ease. A clean desk area is a sight for sore eyes – something us late-night workers experience often.

Feng shui doesn’t limit you to bare bones, but you should aim to store the essentials in sight and not much more. Depending on the size of your desk, the actual number of things you keep there will vary. Use drawers and cabinets to hide clutter, or invest in vertical options like floating shelves to keep it off the ground.

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Feng shui says that aligning your chair with one of your office walls results in the most positive energy flow. Instead of facing away from the door or sitting in the middle of the room, position yourself so the back of your chair is parallel with the wall.

This formation is known as backing – as in, the object you back up to when you sit down at your desk. Strong backing is associated with strength and confidence, whereas poor backing is associated with insecurity and weakness.


Opt for natural light in your office whenever possible – Replace old blinds or install pretty curtains if it helps. A well-light room also creates the illusion of more space, so dorms, apartments and small homes will benefit that much more.

If you don’t have windows in your office, full-spectrum bulbs are the next best thing. These bulbs mimic natural light and have a slight purple or blue tint. Research suggests these bulbs, unlike bright white broad-spectrum bulbs, may ease the winter blues and other psychological ailments.


Anything that makes you happy is something to keep around, according to feng shui. Sentimental items – like photos, art and souvenirs – are thought to contain more energy than generic office accessories. You should feel more energized and motivated to tackle big tasks if you keep these things nearby.

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What about your color palette? Feng shui suggests that the best scheme for career enhancement is blue, white and gray. The latter are both neutrals, which help to balance the energy of a room. Blue is perhaps the best choice for an office space, thanks to its calming effect.

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