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8 Female Go-Getters You Should Have in Your Social Circle




8 Female Go-Getters You Should Have in Your Social Circle

Lisa Callahan

A lady's supportive social circle can never be too big. It's incredible that we live in an era in which not only are women the most powerful they've ever been, but also that they can create endless connections with one another through websites, blogs and social media.

I have to admit, I have a few favorites.

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The eight listed below are some of boldest and brightest among today's for-women-by-women community. Give them a follow on Pinterest, browse their sites and let me know in the comments which is your absolute fave.


Career Contessa

Made up of a collection of successful pros, Career Contessa is dedicated to creating “honest conversations about life and work.”

The site is a go-to for those looking for career advice to women, from women. Some of their most popular posts include 5 New Skills You Can Learn on Your Lunch Break and Everything You Need to Know About Job Hunting.

Career Girl Daily

CDG is like the Vogue of women’s websites. Editorial-style photography and sleek web design aren’t the only thing that makes this one of my favorite sources for career advice.

CDG does a standout job of writing inspirational listicles and suggesting other content sources that’ll take you one step further in your career. Check out The Best TED Talk for Entrepreneurial Women or The Life-Changing Class You Haven’t Taken Yet to see what I mean.

Jessica Slaughter

This Austin gal is a total tech guru, which is probably why her website and graphics are so gorgeous. She studies computer engineering at the University of Texas and has some great posts about apartment decor, chic school supplies and budgeting tips.

She also shares her super computer skills through coding tutorials and other blogging how-to’s.

Kitty & Buck

Shell is basically the spokesperson for women trying to escape the typical 9-5 job.

The Tokyo-based business blogger is nothing short of experienced – probably due to her many travels and experiences in different industries – and her blog reflects her desire to share what she’s learned. Her productivity freebies and work scheduling guide ease the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Of Mercer

This site is not just a blog but also an online shop for women’s workwear. Suits, blazers and dresses galore are designed with careful consideration and stitched using luxe fabrics in NYC.

While you wait for your gorgeous italian wool scarf to arrive, you can browse the blog for other goods, like the perfect nude nail polishes for a workweek mani and “impeccably stylish” stationery for desk decor junkies.

The Everygirl

Danielle and Alaina launched The Everygirl in 2012, and wow, have they done amazingly well! The site aims to guide and inspire “creative, career-driven women.”

The Everygirl team is made up of out-of-the-box thinkers with unique blog post ideas, like; 3 Lies You May Believe About Your Creative Work and 6 Ways to Maximize a Career Coffee Meeting.

The Teacher Diva

Not far from Jessica is this teacher-turned-blogger from Dallas. Ashley’s blog covers a range of topics, from home decor and recipes to workwear and travel diaries.

I personally covet her fashion posts the most, which include simple and sophisticated outfit ideas. She even organizes her fashion posts by season, so you can plan just the right clothing combo for the weather ahead.

8 Female Go-Getters to Have in Your Social Circle | The LC Studio
8 Female Go-Getters to Have in Your Social Circle | The LC Studio

Who's your favorite female blogger? 
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