Currently Coveting: Earthy Industrial Work Spaces

Considering my strict adherence to a neutral color palette, it probably comes as no surprise that earthy industrial decor catches my eye.

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In interior design, industrial looks pay homage to America's Industrial Revolution. It's during this period, which spanned over 100 years, that major industries began transitioning production from the home front to the assembly line. An influx of millions of immigrants during the late 1800s and early 1900s provided a willing-and-eager workforce to occupy the many factories built during this time.

Earthy industrial decor juxtaposes 19th-century-style industrial accents – like metals, stoneware and Edison bulbs – with rural elements, like indoor plants and natural wood. The result? A workspace laden with nostalgia and poised by nature; Corner office meets cozy chalet, if you will.

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From the home office to the conference room, here's a look at the earthy industrial work spaces I'm loving now:

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