Cable Management Tricks for a Tidy Home Office

I recently began the arduous process of turning our apartment's second bedroom into my dream office. What started with a giddy trip to our nearest Ikea ended with an irritating assembly improv that aimed to compensate for our lack of tools – and DIY know-how. 

We've made some tweaks here and there since its initial setup, and I've added a few desk accessories to make the barren space feel more like a home. Alas, despite our best on-budget efforts, my little office haven is far from done.

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When it comes to the home office, one of the trickiest DIY endeavors is cable management. Premium cord organization requires the intuition of an interior decorator and the brain of an engineer. And even that power duo is no match for one of the strongest scientific laws: That which is able to tangle will always return to a tangled state. Einstein's fourth law, if you will.

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With some out-of-the-box thinking and a little elbow grease, you can turn your knotted mess of an office into a clutter-free, tech-friendly space.

Browse the slideshow below to see some of the smartest cable management tricks the web has to offer, and make sure to check out the source information to find out how it's done.

Cable Management Tricks for a Tidy Home Office | The LC Studio