The AP Style Cheat Sheet for Bloggers (Free Download!)

The makings of a word whiz combine both knowledge and skill. While creative ability may link to our DNA, translating artistic thought requires study and practice.

Bloggers, journalists and copywriters from all industries turn to the Associated Press for its golden writing rule book, the Associated Press Stylebook (AP Stylebook for short), which AP itself names "the journalist's bible." You can buy the latest edition -- a 536-page paperback -- for $13 on Amazon, or you can download the Kindle edition for a few dollars less.

Every writer should make room for the AP Stylebook in their arsenal, but memorizing each entry is a ludicrous idea. Instead, focus on learning the fundamentals that dictate concepts like capitalization and punctuation.

I compiled a list of the most common AP style rules I utilize when writing blog posts. Post it in your office, save it to your desktop or pin it to a board to keep your writing sharp.


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