7 Inspiring Desktop Wallpapers to Perk Up Your Work Day

If you use your personal computer for work like I do – and are also a bit of a control freak – you likely find peace of mind in maintaining a clean and organized desktop.

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Trashing files, rearranging folders and backing things up to Google Drive is something I do on the regular. And for me, the cherry on top of a refreshed desktop is a refreshing desktop wallpaper.

Picking the right desktop wallpaper is both a science and an art. High-definition is a must, and the dimensions need to accommodate your screen (Don't know your screen dimensions? Find them here). It's also wise to opt for a wallpaper that's well laid out, so your menu bar, desktop icons and widgets remain in full view.

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On the flip side, aesthetic is pivotal, and a pristine layout is nothing without an equally beautiful design. Preferences vary, of course, but at the end of the day, the quest for a perfect desktop wallpaper boils down to one thing: Inspiration. And the right one can mean the difference between embracing the start of the work day and dreading it.

It's a small detail, maybe, but it counts. Art is funny that way.

Browse the slideshow below to see my favorite inspirational wallpapers, then click the image or link to go to the source:


Which desktop wallpaper is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!