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2017 Decor Trends That Will Make Your Home Office Look Fab




2017 Decor Trends That Will Make Your Home Office Look Fab

Lisa Callahan

Anyone who says the office is the wrong place for decor must not know how a well-styled work space can impact their mood.

I'm making my home office decor a priority in 2017. It's been in limbo since I moved into my apartment in August, though that hasn't stopped me from dreaming up Ikea layouts and filling my office decor Pinterest board with endless ideas.

Where runways lead, home decor follows suit, and the new year's new trends are nothing short of chic. Discover the top home decor trends for 2017, then find on-trend pieces to add to your home office for the most fab work year yet.


Navy is "the new black," says the stylists at Elle Decor. This dark blue hue adds just enough color to an otherwise monochromatic room, yet it doesn't cause that walls-closing-in-on-you feeling that black often does. What's more, navy is thought to be an homage to the royal and divine. The limited quantity and high cost of navy pigment made it a privilege reserved only for the elite, from Cleopatra to the Virgin Mary to Queen Elizabeth I.


Faux fur

Faux fur was a hot commodity in high fashion this fall, which means it's only a matter of time before it takes over our living quarters, too (though, honestly, it kind of already has). Faux fur is an obvious choice for the bedroom and living room as the cold weather rolls in, but it's just as posh as it is practical. Faux fur chairs, pillows and rugs – like this iconic faux sheepskin rug from Ikea – are elegant accent pieces fit for any room in your home.

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It's not just any green making a statement in home decor right now – It's Pantone's own "Greenery," named Color of the Year for 2017. The "fresh and zesty yellow-green shade" pairs well with a variety of textures and tones. It also makes the perfect excuse to add a few more succulents to your collection (Cacti are totally year-round decor).

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Crate and Barrel touts copper accents for their ability to add warmth and richness to any room. There's no denying that metal accents, in general, make beautiful home decor. The soft orange sheen of copper items, though, takes a trendy spin on the look of more classic metallics like silver and gold. Rose gold, which is actually a mix of gold and copper, has also made a big impact in the fashion and decor industries in recent years (thanks in part to Apple's iPhone 6s).

Bring it on in the new year, copper – it's time you got the credit you deserve.



Stripes are a simple solution for areas a little heavy on solid prints. They come in a range of widths – from ticking stripes to pin stripes to awning stripes and beyond – that pair well with a with almost any look. But don't mistake their versatility for lifelessness; Given the right eye, this simple style can become the most eye-catching part of the room. As other pattern trends come and go, striped home decor is always a safe bet.

Which 2017 home decor trend are you most excited to try?
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2017 Decor Trends That Will Make Your Home Office Look Fab | via The LC Studio
2017 Decor Trends That Will Make Your Home Office Look Fab | via The LC Studio

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