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10 Reasons Why Keeping a Work Journal is The Key to Career Success




10 Reasons Why Keeping a Work Journal is The Key to Career Success

Lisa Callahan

In a time when book stores, magazines and other print materials are dwindling, I'm so glad journaling is still alive and well. It's one of the hobbies from my childhood that I remember most fondly, and also the one that took up the most of my time. Similar to a great book, a journal is a worthwhile investment – Hours spent are hours enjoyed. Journals are also akin to books in that the people who love them can never have just one (As a kid, I'm pretty certain I had more journals than friends. No joke).

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It's fair to say my journaling hobby has fallen to the wayside as I've grown up, with other pencil-pushers like sudoku, word searches and grocery lists taking its place. But journaling, in no way, has lost its value to me. On the contrary, it's actually gained value in a whole new way. 

One of my favorite websites,, published an article in May 2016 in which contributing writer Dana Covit wrote about the benefits of using a journal for work:

By carving out time from our busy lives to reflect on our unique perspectives, experiences, insights, and ideas, we learn and evolve more completely. By exploring new ideas freely and without judgment, we give them the space to develop and grow.

I couldn't agree more. Journaling and working may seem mutually exclusive at first thought – I felt a little uncomfortable doing it at first, too. Once you shift your mindset, though, the necessity of career journaling becomes crystal clear. A work journal can serve so many purposes – relaxation, focus, and catharsis, just to name a few – and complement so many roles. It's also cheaper than therapy, healthier than booze, and more private than your Facebook wall (Not that we don't a little bit of those sometimes, too).

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Here are 10 different ways you can use a journal for a more successful career:


Have you ever used a work journal? Did you find it helpful?
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10 Reasons Why Keeping a Work Journal is the Key to Career Success | via The LC Studio

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