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10 Ways to Embrace Being the “New Girl” at Work




10 Ways to Embrace Being the “New Girl” at Work

Lisa Callahan

Starting a new job is never easy, but you can make it a heck of a lot easier if you look at it with a different perspective. Even though you might feel like the odds are stacked against you, being the newest person at any workplace kind of has an upside.

When you start a career with a new company, you get to lay the foundation on which your future with that company grows. You get to, in a way, redefine yourself. You get to experiment with your strengths and weaknesses in your particular role. You get to uncover industry insights you would've never known before. And, you get to cultivate relationships with people who have similar skills, interests and work styles.

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Keep reading to learn my top tips for embracing the first few months at a new job, making a lasting impression on your boss, and being the best “new girl” your company has ever had.


10 Ways to Embrace Being the “New Girl” at Work


01 | look the part

New job = new wardrobe. Yay! Get some inspiration from women’s fashion boards on Pinterest or look around at what your coworkers are wearing, then start building your perfect work wardrobe.

02 | be punctual

Start off your new job on the right foot by being on time every day. Invest in a quality planner and plan ahead for the upcoming work week.

03 | make someone’s day

Say hello to your coworkers in the morning. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way in making a good impression and becoming part of the office family.

04 | ask questions

No one expects you to know the ins and outs of the company right away, so ask! Find out about your company culture, your industry, your competitors. The more you know, the better.

05 | take lots of notes

Don’t just let all that knowledge go in one ear and out the other. Buy yourself a nice work journal and take lots of notes about what you’re learning, or keep a folder of important files on your work computer.

06 | do the dirty work

During down time. lend a hand to other people in the office who need a favor or two — whetherit’s dropping off mail, ordering lunch for the office, or making a run for office supplies. Every little thing makes a difference.

07 | go the extra mile

Do things without being asked, and when you are asked, do the best job you could possibly do. People will start to take notice of how hard of a worker you are.

08 | let your voice be heard

Even though you may be less experienced than your coworkers, your fresh perspective of company procedures can lend itself to some really insightful ideas.

09 | find a mentor

Take some time to shadow someone whose job you’re interested in, and ask for some one-on-one time to pick their brain. They may even turn into your closest work friend!

10 | end on a good note

Finish each day so that tomorrow starts off right. Tidy up your desk, charge your gadgets, and say “See ya” to the employees close to you.

10 Ways to Embrace Being the New Girl at Work | The LC Studio

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