Agile Velocity provides public certification courses and private coaching to software professionals interested in Agile methodologies


Establish Agile Velocity as an industry thought leader through branded and targeted content marketing





Video 1: This seven-part Q&A series includes one-on-one interviews with local software professionals. I wrote titles and descriptions for each video in this series, also adding "jump to topic" timestamps for each question asked.

Video 2: This keynote documents a presentation given during a large annual Agile conference, Keep Austin Agile. I wrote the title and description for the video and also linked to the downloadable worksheet that corresponds to the talk.



The majority of Agile Velocity's social media engagement and social referrals come from Twitter. Each week, I wrote, curated and scheduled between 20-30 social messages for the Agile Velocity Twitter account. Where applicable, I also included industry hashtags and linked to the handles of industry professionals or publications.

Tweet 1: Promotes upcoming Agile Velocity public training classes, with a link to the training calendar on

Tweet 2 and 3: Shares curated content as per categories recommended on marketing department's editorial calendar



Landing page 1: Advertises and encourages downloading of Agile Velocity's Path to Agility worksheet. I assisted with the setup of this landing page by uploading the downloadable PDF, designing the worksheet snapshot and syncing the page form with a corresponding Hubspot Marketing campaign.

Landing page 2: Advertises and encourages downloading of Agile Velocity's Agile for Executives white paper. I edited the entirety of this white paper, focusing on spelling/grammar, copy clarity and brand consistency. I followed through with the campaign for this white paper by writing and designing the landing page and syncing the page form with Hubspot Marketing.